Healthy Home Survey Feedback

Thank you for the Healthy Home Survey. It certainly put my mind to rest about dealing with the health hazard of living close to the phone mast transmitter, which was my main concern. It was also interesting to learn that my cordless phone was by far the most harmful emitter of electromagnetic fields in my home. I have since replaced it with a corded phone. I definitely feel good knowing that I have optimized my home environment to support my health and well-being and I appreciate the fact that you were so generous with your time and knowledge. I also found the survey and information you shared fascinating. CB, London

Beverley came to my home to carry out a healthy home survey last year. My children and I were under quite a bit of stress and both my job and relationship had come to an end within the previous months. I’m also prone to depression. I asked Beverley to check my home for geopathic stress lines and any other things in my home which may have been causing problems for us.

She pinpointed two lines of geopathic stress which crossed through the house. One line passed through our bed positions and the other through the sofa position in our living room. Both lines crossed at my bed. I had been having abnormal smear test results. However, within a few weeks of moving my bed away from these lines, my smear tests were normal and have remained so!Beverley also found high electromagnetic fields with our particular phones, and our wi-fi too, and strongly recommended alternatives which I implemented immediately as both my children were sleeping above where they were sited.

As soon as Beverley left that day, I switched off the cordless phone and changed my bedroom around! I managed to persuade one daughter eventually to let me move her bed away from the geopathic stress line and her anxiety levels reduced dramatically. However, my other daughter was not convinced but I believe she is less stressed now that we have dealt with the high electromagnetic fields. I still haven’t moved the sofa yet but intend to do it soon.Since then my depression has also been under control and although I’m still on anti-depressants, I have not had any major episodes of anxiety. I’m delighted and grateful to have had the survey completed and keep in touch with Beverley in case we ever move house. ED, Surrey

I have noticed benefits from using the earthing sheet already. Its early days yet but the immediate benefits are hip pain almost disappeared, better sleep and waking feeling more refreshed. This is encouraging so I’d like to add to it and use the smaller earthing sheet during the day whilst I do meditation and work at my desk. JB, Surrey (motor neurone disease)

Since we moved the bed off the line of geopathic stress my husband is getting up only once a night to use the loo, rather than his previous five or six times. He’s delighted. TM, London

About one year after a major renovation on my home I was diagnosed with a serious illness. I asked Beverley to do a Healthy Home Survey to check if there was something we had done in our renovation which may have triggered the illness. Her process and explanation were very thorough and professional, and she provided a full spectrum of solutions. This included repositioning my bed away from a line of geopathic stress, checking the new carpets for toxins, advice on where and when to use electrical devices, and recommendations about optimal beds and mattresses. I absolutely wish I had involved Beverley before and during the renovation work, rather than afterwards, as I would have done things very differently! JPC, St Albans

The earthing sheet seems to be doing a marvellous job as I don’t have backache when I get out of bed anymore!! Also since my healthy house survey, I have felt happier and the house has felt lighter!! Your comments were spot on about the people and the rooms. You are amazing. Thank you. AP, Surrey

I feel positive about the changes we can make to improve the environment in our home. KP, London

I want to thank you for the earthing sheet which arrived about 10 days ago. I had a few problems for the first few days but in the last week I’ve really been feeling the benefits. I had recently been suffering from really bad RSI in my arms and also upper back problems with a lot of pain caused by inflammation of these areas. So much so that I had to take about 10 days off work. I had recovered about 90% but was finding that I was continuing to suffer from ongoing pain in my arms and back, particularly when using the computer. However, in the last week the pain has completely disappeared even though I’ve been working very long hours on my PC during this last week. So I’m already feeling the benefits! I’m so taken by the earthing sheet, I’m thinking of buying one to use at work. AF, London