Creating a Healthy Bedroom

A good night’s sleep is one of the essential requirements for living a healthy life.
Your bedroom is therefore the most important place in your home for supporting your health.

Creating a Healthy Bedroom Consultation is a review of all the bedrooms in your home, with checks and recommendations to make sure they are healthy places for you and your family to get a good night’s sleep.

Give yourself the boost of a good night’s sleep in a healthy bedroom

Creating a Healthy Bedroom includes:

  • Checks to measure and reduce electromagnetic fields
  • Checks to locate any geopathic stress
  • Finding the right position for your bed
  • Recommendations for beds, bedding, alarm clocks, lighting, curtains, and the overall layout and space of your bedroom.
  • Managing ventilation and heating, and selecting non-toxic materials, finishes and furnishings to ensure healthy indoor air.
  • Ways to keep the space energetically clear, free of heavy imprinted energies.

Making your bedroom a place for supportive sleep and a healthy life.

How the Consultation works

I review your bedrooms when your home is in its active daytime use, taking a broad range of measurements and checks (as above) and reviewing your sleep situation.
All unsupportive issues are reviewed and solutions recommended, as well as the steps to take at night time when your bedrooms adjust into sleep mode.

Reviews start at 3 hours, and increase depending on the number of your bedrooms and the issues involved.
Fee £250 – £400 + travel expenses.

20% discount on my fee, for both of you, if you arrange a same-day Creating a Healthy Bedroom consultation with a friend who lives nearby.

I’m now getting a much better quality of sleep. I feel thoroughly refreshed and full of energy every morning, and the cloying headaches I used to wake up with have disappeared. JJ Leicestershire

I didn’t realise the impact my electrical world was having on my sleep. I made the changes you suggested and now I feel much more settled. HB London

Since we moved the bed off the line of geopathic stress my husband is getting up only once a night to use the loo, rather than his previous five or six times. He’s delighted. TM London

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Let me help you create a bedroom that supports your healthy sleep: