Your home is the foundation of your life. Make it a comfortable, welcoming and healthy place, that supports you in everything you do.

Creating a Healthy Home

Beverley Wood
Healthy House


…to Creating a Healthy Home.
Here you can find a unique combination of ways for your home spaces to support your health, wellbeing and delight.

I offer home surveys, design and healthy recommendations from my expertise in architecture and the science of building biology. I work with you in your home, whether that means one room or a whole house, large or small, and in some cases I can work with you online.
I also advise on your renovations and new building projects.

It includes addressing the subtle energetic aspects of your home, with feng shui design and space clearing – to support the subtle and psychological interaction you have with your spaces.

For your home to support your whole health – in body, mind and spirit.

Let me know how I can help.

Beverley Wood The Healthy House Architect

Eliminate the frazzle from your computers, electronics and electromagnetic fields
Breathe healthy indoor air
Get a good night’s sleep and wake refreshed
Maximise the benefits of sunlight

Lift your spirits
Restore clarity and concentration
Enjoy the pleasure of easy to use spaces that support your needs – and wants

Feel good at home!

Healthy Home Design

For your home to be functional, comfortable and healthy.

Space planning and design solutions, healthy materials, finishes, furnishings and electrics, to support your human biology, your body and mind, and treat your senses.

Combining Interior architecture, building biology and feng shui design..

Healthy Home Survey

Healthy Home Survey

For peace of mind that your home is a healthy place.

A Building Biology survey to measure and reduce your exposure to electromagnetic fields, geopathic stress, indoor air pollutants, and other hidden hazards which may be undermining your health.

Building Biology is the science of healthy buildings.

Space Clearing

Space Clearing is a unique process for creating a clear vibrant energy in your home.

It clears and lifts stagnation and heavy imprinted energies that may be keeping you stuck, unsettled, uneasy or generally under a lacklustre cloud.
To uplift your home and restore your spark.

Supports your life to work well.

Creating a Healthy Bedroom for a Good Night’s Sleep

A good night’s sleep is a fundamental requirement for a healthy life.
This means that the place you sleep is the first priority in your home and in your life to get right.

Creating a Healthy Bedroom focuses on surveying or designing the bedrooms in your home. It includes all the Building Biology health checks for electromagnetic fields, geopathic stress and indoor air pollutants. Plus: ventilation and lighting, beds and bedding, room layout and feng shui design, and ways to create a clear energetic space.

All to support you getting your best sleep.

“What I particularly appreciate about Beverley is that she has great knowledge as an architect, wonderful intuition as a practitioner and is not rigid in any way. It allows for corrections to be suggested and a feeling that there is almost always a solution.” AR, Ireland

“I referred to our meeting as ‘coaching through architecture’ as the work you did was more than designing and specifying a room; it also helped me to open up to myself about what I want going forward in my life not just what I want out of a building. Thank you.” Lizzie, Nottingham

“I definitely feel good knowing that I have optimized my home environment to support my health and well-being and I appreciate the fact that you were so generous with your time and knowledge. I also found the survey and information you shared fascinating.” CB, London

“I’m now getting a much better quality of sleep than in my previous home (and the guests that I’ve had since then have all commented on how well they have slept). I feel thoroughly refreshed and full of energy every morning, and the cloying headaches I used to wake up with have disappeared.” JJ, Leicestershire