Design for Body & Mind

Your physiological and psychological wellbeing is directly impacted by your home environment. Although it is not scientifically measurable, you can be physically, mentally and emotionally depleted by some buildings. Our homes can make powerful statements but not always consider the soft, vulnerable humans that live in them.

Making your home healthy means shaping it to support your body, mind and spirit, allowing comfort and wellbeing in all your activities, as well as in your sleep and rest.

We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us. Winston Churchill

  • spaces are efficient, streamlined and easy to use, rather than squeezed, awkward and frustrating.
  • Your storage works! And you’re able to put things away.
  • You have enough space to move freely. 
  • There’s somewhere you can relax.
  • You have daylight and sunlight to lift your spirits.
  • Privacy and quiet where you need it.

Increase your feelgood factor by making your home user-friendly, comfortable and uplifting

Design for Body and Mind can be considered at any time, with a Healthy Home Design review of your existing space, or when you’re building new, renovating or simply re-organizing.

Elements of Design for Body and Mind

Form and physical ease. Your overall plan, individual rooms or spaces, shaped for your practical physical needs and comfortable use.

Free flow and movement. Streamlining circulation areas and removing frustrations. Considering the flow at doorways, the unsettling invisible corridor effect through rooms, pinch points and awkward areas.

Establishing a harmonious form and flow of your spaces

Easy ergonomics. Furnishings, cupboards, drawers, shelves to be user-friendly, accessible and sized to function properly and support you.

Rhythm and routine. Supporting your patterns of activity around your home, as well as when arriving home and going out. Keeping things where you need them.

Design for the Flow of Life

Live more fully in your home and more fully in your life by making more expansive use of your existing space. Opening-up new rooms, new windows and doors, moving partitions or doorways, planning the most effective layout of your kitchen, office or living room. Making space for entertaining.

Free your front door and love the experience of arriving home. Enough space to open the door fully and easily and keep the area clutter free. Making it inviting, a place to land, somewhere for shoes, coats, bags, your keys.

Establishing the heart of your home, the place where you automatically gravitate, get together, eat, invite friends, or simply relax on your own. An anchoring centre in your home and in your life.

A house becomes a home when you put yourself energetically at the centre of it.

Maximising daylight and sunlight to brighten your home and lift your spirits. Considering the sunny aspects and orientation of rooms, plus the position of windows and doors.

Balancing movement and stillness. Considering the parts of your home that support your activity and the parts that allow you stillness and rest. Creating settled spaces to make your home a more restful place to be.

Finding your happy place. Creating a held and supported place where you can unwind. A place for a big armchair, a desk for writing, somewhere to simply be. By a sunny window, overlooking the garden, by the fireplace.

A building is not just a place to be, but a way to be – Frank Lloyd Wright

Creating a healthy bedroom for a good night’s sleep. Making sure your bedrooms are calming spaces for deep and rejuvenating sleep.

Supporting changing family needs. Re-assigning spaces for new use: working from home, home schooling, somewhere for meditation, a room to rent, a new baby.

Storage that works, within reach and where you need it. Cupboards, drawers, shelves, filing, wardrobes to be practical, accessible and usable. Restoring the clarity that comes from having space to put everything away and knowing where everything is.

Improving the connection with your garden to be closer to nature and its stress-relieving benefits. Well positioned windows or new doors, a garden room or patio.

Creating luxury rooms: cinema, gym, library, art studio, yoga room, home spa.

Your home is the foundation of your life.  When it works well it supports you in body and mind and uplifts your spirit.

Supporting Body and Mind in your home

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