Case Studies

Consultations are as wide ranging as people and their homes, but to give you a flavour of my work here are some snapshots:

Healthy Home Design Case Studies

I referred to our meeting as ‘coaching through architecture’ as the ‘work’ you did was more than designing and specifying a room; it also helped me to open up to myself about what I want going forward in my life not just what I want out of a building. You were able to offer pragmatic comments and solutions as well as creative idea developments. Your special sensitivity to a client’s mood or emotions is a great asset when doing this sort of work. Thank you. Lizzie, Nottingham

Healthy Home Survey Case Studies

It was fascinating to see the immediate reduction in your meter reading once the filters were plugged in. We both instantly felt calmer, as if a buzz that we weren’t aware of before had been instantly silenced. I also want to say that we were reassured by your clear explanations. It’s great to know there are experts trained to make these healthy house checks as it’s such an important thing for people to do in their homes.
Steph and Mark, Surrey

Space Clearing Case Studies

The difference is quite incredible. The kids have sparkle again, I’ve slept better than I ever have. You have changed our lives and allowed this to be our home. We are utterly bowled over and thrilled with the new energy! E, Bristol

The estate agents are totally bemused in the current climate and say it is the best response they have had to a property in 18 months of a declining market! A big thank you and I will get you to do the new place for me too!
JB, London

Healthy Bedroom Case Studies

I wanted to write to you straight away to let you know I’ve slept five nights in a row since your visit. I do go to the loo once or twice, but I get back to sleep again afterwards. It took me a few days to get used to the new bed position, but I now feel comfortable and happy when I go to bed. Petula, Berkhamsted

I didn’t realise the impact my electrical world was having on my sleep. I made the changes you suggested and now I feel so much more settled.  HB, London