Healthy Home Design Feedback

It was a great relief to have such an interesting and extremely helpful conversation with Beverley about the design of our new house. We made major headway on some areas we were stuck on and unsure about. We had talked to friends and family, who each had a different opinion (eg the location of the kitchen and the back door) but Beverley helped us get the show back on the road as she hit these nails right on the head!

Healthy Home Survey Feedback

Thank you for the Healthy Home Survey. It certainly put my mind to rest about dealing with the health hazard of living close to the phone mast transmitter, which was my main concern. It was also interesting to learn that my cordless phone was by far the most harmful emitter of electromagnetic fields in my home. I have since replaced it with a corded phone. I definitely feel good knowing that I have optimized my home environment

Space Clearing Feedback

Thank you so much for coming and performing such a lovely ceremony in our home. Our house feels absolutely beautiful and I feel a deep sense of this being ‘home’ now which, as you know, was my main reason for having the clearing done.  I am no longer thinking about moving or about keeping the house a certain way ‘in case we sell’, I am just enjoying being home with my family. My daughter also said that she feels so much more relaxed in her room and there’s a noticeable difference in the energy.  I would totally agree with this, the energy in her room used to feel very heavy and stagnant but now has a beautiful vibrancy to it. K.F. Essex

Healthy Bedroom Feedback

Since we moved the bed off the line of geopathic stress my husband is getting up only once a night to use the loo, rather than his previous five or six times. He’s delighted.
TM, London

About one year after a major renovation on my home I was diagnosed with a serious illness. I asked Beverley to do a Healthy Survey to check if there was something we had done in our renovation which may have triggered the illness. Her process and explanation were very thorough and professional, and she provided a full spectrum of solutions.