Healthy Home Design

A Healthy Home Design consultation is a tailored design review. To create a home that supports your personal health and quality of life, as well as your household needs. Whatever the size of your project, from an existing room to a whole new building.

A Healthy Home Design consultation combines:

This is a design review for all kinds of homes and all kinds of personal needs. It combines architectural design, building biology and a subtle energy approach to supporting you in your home.

For health, comfort and delight in your home.

When to choose Healthy Home Design

  • You feel at odds with your home

Something’s not working but you don’t know what you need or where to start.

  • You need a change

To review your existing spaces and rearrange them to work better – sofas, tables, desks, beds – and consider healthy colour, lighting and furnishing options.

  • You want to make better use of what you already have

Making more effective use of your available space, for a room or a few rooms or the whole plan of your home. Such as opening up your plan, moving partitions and doors, creating a new kitchen space.

  • You want to unlock the potential in your home when renovating or building new

To maximise your home for health and wellbeing. A holistic design review to get you started or explore the ideas you already have.

Healthy Home Design is Design for Life

How a Healthy Home Design Consultation works

It involves a visit to your home to review what you already have or what you’re planning, and discuss what’s possible, whatever size your project – large or small.
I go back to first principles with you, discuss your needs and aspirations and how you want to live in your home – then sketch out all possibilities and walk and talk them through with you too.

Making your home functional, comfortable, beautiful

It is usually a one-off consultation taking between 4 – 6 hours for most typical homes.
Fee £400 – £600 + travel expenses.

This allows you to explore your options without needing to appoint an architect in a full design project.
Continuing healthy home consultancy input can be arranged if required as your work progresses.

I referred to our meeting as ‘coaching through architecture’ as the work you did was more than designing and specifying a room; it also helped me to open up to myself about what I want going forward in my life not just what I want out of a building. Thank you.   LS, Nottingham

Thank you for your visit, your input, your ideas and your thoroughness. We both really thought it very useful, clarified some ideas, gave us some new ideas and was very useful indeed. AL, St Albans

It was great to brainstorm with you and have all our ideas reality checked. You have left us with a clear understanding of how to make the most of our home. KB, Charlton

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