Electromagnetic Fields in the Home

Electromagnetic Fields in the Home

All things electrical in your home emit electromagnetic fields which expose you to a range of unnatural radiation frequencies. They can be the most biologically active health issue in your home.

The level of these electromagnetic fields has majorly increased in recent years, with the growth of electronic technologies. Also known as electrosmog, we are exposed to it on a continual basis – it surrounds us and penetrates our body, and it is in our homes as much as in our workplaces, in public transport and public places.

What is widely overlooked is its biological effect on human health.

You may not directly feel electromagnetic fields but you will be affected by them.

Typical symptoms are wide ranging and include:
Headaches, tinnitus and visual disturbances
Dizziness or fuzzy head
Heart palpitations
Increased food sensitivity
Mood and behavioural changes

Medical research has also revealed the health effects of longer-term exposure:
Lowered fertility
Oxidative stress leading to free radicals and inflammation
Nervous system disorders
Cellular DNA damage and cancer
Endocrine disruption throughout the boy
Early onset alzheimer’s disease and dementia

The electricity in your environment is known to be biologically active.

Children are much more sensitive to electromagnetic fields than adults, and this is thought to contribute to the growing numbers of insomnia and mood disturbance in children, as well as ADHD and autism.

A Healthy Home Survey to check for electromagnetic fields

A Healthy Home Survey includes checks for electromagnetic fields which exceed the Building Biology guidelines for healthy buildings, together with recommendations for resolving them. The aim is to retain the convenience of your electrical equipment without the ill effects.

Checks are through your whole house and especially the environment where you sleep. Your bedroom is the most important place in your home and in your life to be free of electro-pollution. See A Healthy Bedroom for more information.

What does an electromagnetic field survey check for?

Electric and Magnetic Fields 
From the electrical mains supply and from internal wiring in walls, floors and ceilings, and household electrical appliances.

Radio/Microwave Fields 
From sources inside and outside the home, such as mobile phone transmitters, mobile phones, cordless phones, smart meters, wi-fi, microwave ovens, baby monitors.

Since the 1980s, 5 million phone masts have been erected throughout the world, filling the environment with microwaves. You may be able to see one of them out of your window.

Dirty Electricity 
Transient variations in the voltage and frequency of the electrical supply. Usually created by electronic transformers within the home for low voltage appliances, or from various conditions in the local supply cabling.

Incorrect earthing of your electrical circuits
To ensure there are no stray currents creating elevated electromagnetic fields.

Static Magnetic Fields – Geomagnetic Anomalies
These are caused by distortions in the earth’s natural magnetic field, which are created by natural sources such as subterranean iron ore deposits, or by man-made sources such as structural steel, metal pipework and bedsprings.

Static Electric Fields
Created by synthetic fabrics, flooring and furnishings that upset the balance of ions in the atmosphere of your home, creating a statically charged indoor atmosphere.

Induced Body Voltage (the electromagnetic field effects on you) 
Measures the effect the electromagnetic fields in your environment have on your body.

Radon Radioactivity
Radon is a naturally occurring odourless colourless radioactive gas that seeps up into our homes from the land underneath.

Technology use
Your use of mobile phones, computers and their connected technologies.

I use meters which measure the electromagnetic fields in your environment. This effectively makes the EMFs ‘visible’ and their extent much easier to comprehend.

Remediation can include

  • Wiring and switching adaptations
  • Removing, changing or relocating electrical fittings
  • Shielding and earthing

Healthy Home Design to ensure low electromagnetic fields

If you are renovating or building new, this is an excellent time to consider creating a low electromagnetic field installation in your home. By designing and specifying the layout and type of installed cabling and appliances.

Electro Biology – some background information

We are electrical in our biology as human beings. Our nervous system, hormones, immune system, brain activity, heartbeat and every cell, tissue and organ throughout our body, communicate and interconnect via multiple pathways of subtle electrical activity.

…and we live on an electromagnetic planet, whose natural ultra-low frequency we resonate with exactly. This resonance maintains our body’s electrical activity and our lifeforce and supports its essential healthy functioning. 

When we spend time in nature we feel its restorative and healing action.

We are electrical in our biology as human beings.

Electro Pollution

However, when we introduce man-made electromagnetic frequencies into our environment, we are exposed to a host of unfamiliar electrical and magnetic fields, signals and pulses, most of them at a very much higher level compared to the natural background frequency. 

You resonate more with the electromagnetic field given off by your wi-fi than with the natural electromagnetic field of the planet.

They disturb our finely balanced electrical frequencies and trigger unnatural signals throughout the body. They are known to result in biological disruption. Amongst other things they have been shown to disrupt the behaviour of cells and DNA, the nervous system and hormone function, heart and brain activity, as well as our sleep-wake cycle. They can therefore seriously undermine our health.

The introduction of electricity into our environment may be responsible for the so-called diseases of the 20th century, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and suicide – according to Dr Sam Milham MD MPH, author of Dirty Electricity: Electrification and the Diseases of Civilization.

Electro Sensitivity

Electro Sensitivity or ES (also EHS electro hypersensitivity) is the medical term given to people who have become sensitive to the effect of electromagnetic fields. It includes both adults and children and is now recognised as a disability in the UK. However, everyone is affected by electromagnetic fields whether you feel them or not, and they could be causing physical symptoms.

As an experiment, switch off your electricity at the meter for one whole night, and notice how silent and still your home becomes. How do you feel? How well do you sleep?

Reducing electromagnetic fields in your home is one of the most important steps you can take for supporting both your immediate and long-term health.

How to reduce electromagnetic fields in your home

For creating a low electromagnetic field environment when renovating or building new.

Includes checks for elevated electromagnetic fields throughout your home.

Elevated electromagnetic fields can seriously undermine your sleep. Make sure your bedrooms are healthy places to support your sleep and health.