Space Clearing Consultation

Space Clearing is a unique process that clears and lifts stagnation and heavy imprinted energies in your home, to support your own clarity, vitality and momentum in life.

Your personal energy or lifeforce is not separate from external influences, and it readily acclimatises to the ambient qualities in your environment. If these are stale or heavy, old or stuck, or simply the imprints of mundane everyday living, they’re likely to be stagnating you too.

Clearing these stagnant old energies in your home is therefore personally energizing for you. Space Clearing is a fast and effective way to achieve this.

Space Clearing brings a new buoyancy to your home and your life

What is Space Clearing for?

It can support many aspects of your life, from foundational to aspirational:

  • Support for positive change

It helps to restore confidence, momentum and spark and bring a new outlook on life.
Supports a new or improved relationship, new job or new baby.

  • Lifting heaviness and stagnation,

If you want to move on from the past, a bereavement, divorce or a difficult time.
Brings a newfound energy and enjoyment of life when previously you’ve been stuck in a rut.
Helps to break through procrastination, re-energizing yourself if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, blocked or tired all the time.

  • Buying, selling or never quite settled at home

To clear predecessor energies when moving into a new home, or if selling to make your home more enticing for prospective buyers. It also helps you to settle if you’ve never felt fully at home.

  • To support your personal aspirations

You want to engage a new direction, to enhance your creativity or a particular project, or support your personal growth.

My clients often report sleeping very well afterwards too!

Space Clearing makes your home an uplifting place for your body, mind and spirit.

How a Space Clearing Consultation works

A Space Clearing is in the form of a simple ceremony. It involves a visit to your home during daylight hours, on a day when your home can come to a standstill and when you, as the homeowner or tenant, can be present and uninterrupted. An opportunity to switch off your computer and phones too.

Several circuits are made of the inside perimeter of your home, first to read the quality of existing imprints, and then to clear and lift the space using a specialized clapping technique and a pair of extraordinary Balinese temple bells. However it is not so much about what is physically done but what is facilitated energetically by the process.
It is suitable for any building that has walls and a roof, however large or small.
The consultation is always tailored to support your particular needs. It is revealing and enjoyable too!

For typical homes, consultations usually take between 3-6 hours.
Fee £300 – £450 + travel and material expenses

I feel I have let go of the past and the things I carried with me from my previous home and partnership. I find myself in a better place, filled with the meaning and purpose I so wanted. JP London

The room that was once cold and underused now feels fresh and invigorated and inviting. RC Yorkshire

I’ve just had the best night’ sleep. And the kids too. Lizzie (8yrs) slept right through the night – a first! Space Clearing is the best kept secret – people need to know about it! GR Derbyshire

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To clear and uplift your home and boost your clarity and vitality:

Terms and Conditions for Space Clearing consultations.

Feng Shui Design can be added to a Space Clearing Consultation

Feng Shui Design works best when considered in conjunction with a broader health overview of your home. It is therefore incorporated into Healthy Home Design consultations or included with a Space Clearing consultation.