Design for Human Biology

Some aspects of our buildings, both old and new, are known to be biologically active, meaning they have a direct effect on our own human biological systems.
Building Biology is the science which explores this relationship between human life and the built environment to create healthy buildings which support rather than impact our health.

When building new, renovating or simply redecorating your home, there are three key considerations for creating a healthy environment from the beginning, which are much more easily integrated at the Healthy Home Design stage before work begins.

The 3 Key Design Considerations for Human Biology

1. Create a low Electromagnetic Field environment

The electromagnetic fields which radiate from all things electrical and electronic in your home can be the most biologically active health issue in your personal environment. They radiate from your wiring circuits, your lighting, telephones, televisions, your wi-fi and smart meters, and all electrical appliances. They interact directly with human biological systems, including nerve, cell, hormone, brain and heart activity.

Your body resonates with the electromagnetic fields in your home.

The frequencies of these man-made electromagnetic fields have massively increased in recent years with advances in electronics and telecoms technology. Some people have become very sensitive to them, and even though others don’t feel them, they have a direct health impact on everyone. Medical researchers are extremely concerned about their long-term biological effects.

Creating a low electromagnetic field environment is one of the most beneficial things you can do for maintaining your health and vitality at home. For more information see Electromagnetic Fields.

2. Avoid Geopathic Stress

Geopathic Stress is the term given to the effect of local disturbances in the natural electromagnetic field of the earth. As humans we have evolved while immersed in the earth’s very low electromagnetic frequencies and our health is underpinned by their presence, so where there are areas of disturbance our health can be affected. Spending long periods of time above these areas can undermine the body’s immune system and its ability to maintain a healthy balance.

Geopathic Stress can also create sleep problems

The design stage is a good time to decide the layout of your home, as well as your rooms and furnishings, in order to avoid geopathic stress in the places where you will be spending long periods of time. Places to check are where you sleep, work at your desk, and relax on your sofa. For more information see Geopathic Stress.

3. Create a Healthy Indoor Air Quality

Toxic chemicals in building materials, paints, finishes, flooring and furnishings, can be given-off as gases into the internal air of your home. These chemicals build-up in your internal spaces and are inhaled when you breathe, causing problems such as itchy eyes, runny noses, respiratory irritations, coughs and breathing problems. They can also enter into the bloodstream and, rather than being eliminated by the body, they accumulate in body tissue, building up with continued exposure over time. In extreme cases this can lead to body toxicity overload and a collapse of health.

The air in your home is the air that you breathe.

Selecting healthy non-toxic Materials, Finishes and Furnishings, helps to safeguard your indoor air quality and make sure it is fit to breathe. This goes in hand with providing sufficient insulation, heating and ventilation and avoiding damp and mould.
It is much easier to do this in your home when building new, renovating or decorating, instead of attempting to change things afterwards. For more information see Indoor Air Quality.

The primary job of every home is to create an environment that allows human life to flourish

Supporting your Human Biology in your home

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These three factors are a prime consideration at the early design stage, when you are building, renovating or decorating.

If you are concerned about these key elements in your existing home a Healthy Home Survey covers all checks and remediations.

This is a consultation for all the bedrooms in your home, to support your best sleep and health. Your bedroom is the most important place in your home to get these 3 key issues right.