Geopathic Stress

Geopathic Stress

Geopathic Stress is the term given to the effect of local disturbances in the electromagnetic field of the earth. If your home is built on an area of geopathic stress it may be undermining your health.

Human life has evolved while immersed in the earth’s low frequency background electromagnetic field – it is a natural phenomenon that underpins all life on earth and therefore plays an important role in human health.  However, there can be places where the natural field is distorted, either by natural or by man-made geological conditions, creating disturbances at and above the land surface.

  • Natural distortions are usually caused by underground water streams, cracks in subterranean rocks, caverns or mineral deposits
  • Man made distortions are quarries or mines, tunnels, sewers, building foundations, underground pipes, and steel in the building. 

Spending long periods of time above these zones is known to undermine the body’s immune system, which in turn reduces your ability to fight illness and infection, as well as reducing the absorption of vitamins, minerals and nutrients from your food.

Long-term exposure to geopathic stress can lead to a weakened immune system which is then unable to maintain a healthy balanced state.

It is therefore essential to avoid areas of geopathic stress where you spend long periods of time, such as where you sleep, work at your desk, and relax on your sofa.

It can be helpful to consider:

  • Has your health declined since moving to your current home, or new bed position?
  • Do you feel or sleep better when you’re away from home?
  • Did the previous occupant suffer with health problems?

Has anything changed in your health since you moved to your current home?

Symptoms of exposure to Geopathic Stress:

Early Symptoms:
Resistance to medical treatment
Feeling run down, exhausted, depressed
Restlessness, nervousness, inability to concentrate
Not wanting to go home, or go to bed
Insomnia, restless sleep, waking feeling fatigued
Sleep walking, nightmares, grinding teeth
Children bed wetting or babies continuously crying
Headaches, body pains, mood changes
Allergies, loss of appetite, eating disorders

Even though you may not directly feel Geopathic Stress, you may be experiencing the effects of it.

Longer term exposure can emerge as more serious health conditions such as:
Central nervous system diseases, MS, MND, PD
Chronic fatigue, ME, or other chronically depleted states
Infertility, miscarriages, premature birth
Learning difficulties in children, ADD, failure to thrive
Tumour growth, heart disease, hormone dysfunction
Geopathic Stress also affects animals, plants and trees.

It is important to make sure your bed is not located on geopathic stress

Creating a Healthy Bedroom
When you sleep your body is supposed be resting and repairing itself, absorbing vital nutrients and fighting infection. However when you sleep on a geopathic zone your body becomes stressed and has to use its vital energy to deal with this. Over time this can lead to a weakened immune system which is unable to maintain a healthy balanced state. It is therefore essential to avoid geopathic stress at your bed location. A Healthy Bedroom

Checking for Geopathic Stress

The design stage is a good time to decide the layout of your home and furnishings, in order to avoid geopathic stress in the places where you will be spending long periods of time.

This includes a check for geopathic stress to ensure that your primary locations are not affected. I help find new positions for them as necessary.

Geopathic stress is the most important check in your bedroom, to make sure your bed is in a healthy place.