Space Clearing Case Studies

Client: Emma + husband + two children 4yrs/ 18 mths old.

Their home: 3 storey house, built 1760s near Bristol.
Grade II Listed Building.
Emma and her family had lived here for 3 years.
Although they had extensively renovated the property, they never felt at home here. They were unable to relax, always on edge and uneasy, not sleeping well, and feeling very unsettled.

The consultation:
I worked with Emma whilst her husband took care of their children out of the house for the day.
I found a line of Geopathic Stress that Emma and her husband, as well as one of their children, had been sleeping on until one month ago. This would have been affecting their quality of sleep and rest.
The Space Clearing cleared the imprints of 250 years’ occupant history, lifted the heavy atmosphere, and landed a new bright quality of space into the house.
A separate and different clearing afterwards addressed an additional stuck fragment and cleared the uneasy sensation.
Afterwards Emma kept looking around as if she’d never clearly seen her home before. The house felt different; light and buoyant, felt bigger inside, looked clearer, the colours brighter.

The family felt at home for the first time and are now enjoying their lives again.

Client feedback:
The difference is quite incredible. I no longer look over my shoulder as to who may jump out. I feel free of baggage, alive in my body and real air in my lungs. Secure and happy for the first time in my entire life. The kids have sparkle again. My son is less sporadic and uneasy; he laughs, lounges and tells us continuously how happy he is. My toddler has been smiling, dancing and walking. I’ve noticed light within her eyes now, which I had previously overlooked due to my own unsettled feelings. No one is uneasy anymore. I’ve slept better than I ever have.
You have changed our lives and allowed this to be our home. We are utterly bowled over 
and thrilled with the new energy!

I have been waxing lyrical to everyone I meet about you and what you do. I don’t completely understand how it works but I’m astounded by its affect. It has started our lives again.
Thank you beyond thanking. 
Emma, Bristol

Client: JB + two teenagers.

Their home: 4 storey terraced townhouse, built 100 years ago.
JB had lived here for 21 years, her children were born here, and she had recently separated from her husband.
She wanted to sell the house and move on.
It had been on the market for several months, and although it was beautifully presented (my client is an interior designer) there was little interest and no decent offers, during uncertain economic times.

The consultation:

This was a space clearing of the stagnant imprints accumulated over the years, from the ups and downs of family life. It helped to neutralize the space so that any prospective buyer could sense themselves living here.
Afterwards the house felt calm and quiet, lighter and clearer.
The house was put back on the market and sold within a week for £31,000 over the asking price.

Client feedback:
The house has gone under offer with the best of four bids at £31,000 over the asking price!!!

The estate agents are totally bemused in the current climate and say it is the best response they have had to a property in 18 months of a declining market!

It was previously on the market from June to November with no decent offers, then went on the market again last week, after the space clearing, with an ‘open house’ starter day last Saturday. We had three offers on it by the Monday after, and went until Friday for best and final bids. It has gone under offer with the best of four bids at £31,000 over the asking price!!!

I am totally sure that Space Clearing had a big influence over the house sale for so much response from only 15 or so viewings, so a big thank you and I will get you to do the new place for me too!
JB, London