Feng Shui Design

The literal translation of Feng Shui is wind and water. It is a design approach originating from ancient China, whose purpose is to create harmony in the environment by harnessing the qualities of these two natural elements:
WIND represents breath, energy, a quality that pervades all life,
WATER represents flow and movement, the source of life.
Brought together, wind and water represent the flow and balance of life supporting energies, known as chi, created by the shapes and forms of our home environment.

As an Architect, I have found this fundamental principle of Feng Shui to be a natural aspect of sensitive design; that our personal lifeforce energies are influenced by the spaces, shapes and forms of the environment around us.

Just as a river flows around the contours of a landscape, so your personal subtle energies are influenced by the contours of your buildings

The effects are that you may feel restless, blocked or at odds with your home spaces, or instead you can feel settled, comfortable and energized.

Feng Shui Design considers the way chi flows in relation to:

  • pinch points or awkward doorways
  • uncontained or missing areas
  • oppressive ceilings or blocking walls
  • sharp corners or low beams

For instance, where there are sharp corners or low beams there is a ‘cutting’ flow of chi that can make you feel unsettled or under pressure.

Feng Shui enhances the relationship of our buildings with our personal energy

Feng Shui Design addresses these forms and chi flows, to determine flowing, rushing, bombarding, cutting, prickly, stagnant or frustrating effects on your personal energy, and moderates them to provide a smooth harmonious balance, helping you to feel at ease in your home.

Areas can also be enhanced with the use of colour, visual and symbolic objects and relevant personal items to boost areas of the bagua.

The Bagua is a framework for understanding the quality of life supporting energies in the different sectors of your home – and how they correspond with aspects of your life. The centre of the Bagua corresponds to HEALTH and is itself balanced when all the other sectors are in balance.

A Feng Shui Design review of your home includes:

  • the physical level – considering the plan of your home, the interior layout of rooms, any missing areas, positions of doorways, and any unsupportive physical forms.
  • the vibrational level – advising on colour, enhancing the ba-gua areas, and placements to deflect, focus or activate chi.
  • positioning of your primary locations such as
    beds – to ensure you have a still and restful place for sleeping
    desks and favourite armchairs – to make sure you are supported and protected.

Feng Shui evolved as a method of enhancing the interaction of cosmological realms or ‘the heavens’ with our life on earth

Feng Shui Design Consultations

Feng Shui Design works best when considered in conjunction with a broader health overview of your home. It is therefore incorporated into Healthy Home Design consultations or with a Space Clearing consultation if required.

Please let me know at the time of your enquiry that you would like to include Feng Shui Design.

Feng Shui Design solutions are considered together with essential checks for geopathic stress and electromagnetic fields and your other practical household requirements.

Feng Shui Design works more deeply when implemented once a space clearing has cleared the imprinted energies.