Healthy Home Survey

Healthy Home Survey

Following Building Biology guidelines for healthy buildings, I measure and assess your exposure to a range of hazards and recommend solutions to bring your home back to a healthy background condition.

  • for your existing home
  • for healthy solutions if you are building new, renovating or decorating.

Building Biology Guidelines for Healthy Building

The new emerging science of Building Biology researches and establishes guidelines for exposure to many hidden factors in our environment, to determine what is safe and what may be creating increasingly adverse conditions for human health.

As a Building Biology Practitioner, I follow these safe level guidelines during a Healthy Home Survey to check and offer solutions for maintaining a healthy environment in your home.

Building Biology means building for life.

Potential benefits are far reaching, allowing a return to health and vitality and quality of life.

A Healthy Home Survey includes checks for:

These are the most biologically active health issue in our modern homes, potentially causing nerve, cell, hormone, brain and heart problems. I check for elevated fields from all things electrical and electronic in your home, as well as sources from outside your home. Includes recommendations for mitigating, shielding or earthing.

Checks for disturbances in the natural electromagnetic field of the land where your home is built. Caused by natural or man-made features, Geopathic Stress can undermine your immune system and seriously impact your health. Checks are made in the areas of your home where you spend a lot of time and where you sleep.

Checks for radon, mould, VOCs, formaldehyde, lead, and other airbourne chemicals plus air electrostatic. With recommendations for non-toxic materials, paints, finishes, flooring, furnishings and cleaning products to safeguard the air you breathe and avoid respiratory issues and allergies.

A check that your tap water is healthy for drinking, cooking and bathing. If you have a municipal tap water supply, recommendations for extra filtration may be necessary at point-of-use, to remove typical contaminants such as lead, chlorine and chlorine by-products, and to achieve a healthy acid/alkaline balance.

If you’re not thriving in your life I recommend checking for these potential causes in your home. There are often simple remedies you can immediately implement for yourself.

Find peace of mind that your home is the healthy place it is suppposed to be.

The Healthy Bedroom
These Healthy Home Survey checks are also included in a Creating a Healthy Bedroom consultation, which focuses specifically on the bedrooms in your home, to make them healthy restful places for supporting a good night’s sleep. This also includes a review of your room design, room layout, beds, bedding, lighting, curtains, and creating a clear energetic space.
Your bedroom is the most important place in your home and in your life for supporting your health.

How a Healthy Home Survey is carried out

I check your home when in its usual active daytime use, taking a broad range of measurements of the electromagnetic fields, geopathic stress, indoor air quality and potential tap water concerns. These are analyzed in relation to the Building Biology recommended levels for health, and solutions discussed with you for restoring your own home to these healthy levels.

Most surveys take up to 4 hours, depending on the size of your home and the issues involved.
Fee £250 – £400 + travel expenses.

20% discount on my fee, for both of you, if you arrange a same-day survey with a friend who lives nearby.

I can also work as a consultancy service alongside your architects and builders, fee is project specific

The immediate benefits are hip pain almost disappeared, better sleep and waking feeling more refreshed. JB, Surrey

I definitely feel good knowing that I have optimized my home environment to support my health and well-being. I also found the survey and information you shared fascinating. CB, London

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Let me help you find peace of mind that your home is a healthy place: