Treating Your Senses

A healthy home is a soulful comfortable environment that not only supports your physical ease, but also boosts your psychological wellbeing and nourishes your spirit. A feelgood place for your senses.

If your home is stressful or overwhelming for you, or you simply feel dull and bored, there can be simple changes that will bring it back into harmony with yourself.

Creating harmony between your outer space and your inner space

Treating your senses can be considered at any time with a Healthy Home Design review of your existing space, or when you’re building new, renovating or simply re-organizing.

Design to Treat Your Senses

Shapes, curves and corners: Gentle ergonomics of your spaces, fittings and furnishings, are shaped and positioned for smooth, comfortable use. Allowing your flow.

Colour: Relaxing or cheering and stimulating, colour brings life and interest and has a profound effect on your spirit. It can be used as a background, as a feature, or as highlights.

Daylight and sunlight: Bathing in the warm tones of natural light is necessary for optimism, vitality, motivation and interest in life, as well as hormone balance and vitamin D synthesis. It is a living light that is always changing and interesting and connects you to the rhythm of nature. Not enough light can lead to lethargy, pessimism or depression.

Marvelous in a room is the light that comes through the windows of a room and then belongs to the room. Louis Khan

Artificial light: Designing artificial light for when there is no daylight, to create warmth and atmosphere at the same time as supporting your functional needs. Therapeutic lighting to relieve SAD seasonal affective disorder.

Visual delight: Placement, styling and beauty to enhance your visual experience.

Texture and touch: Smooth and soft or hard and cool surfaces, as you want them. Their effect on sound, warmth and comfort. Variety, sensuality, luxury.

Connecting with nature: Connecting with the calming and grounding effect of nature by improving access to your garden if you have one, or views of nature through your doors and windows. A boost for relieving stress.

Strengthening your centre: Establishing and supporting the heart of your home; the place where you automatically gravitate, get together, eat, invite friends, or spend time on your own. An anchoring centre in your home and in your life.

Soul nourishment: Creating a place for simply being yourself. Exploring what you really want in your home, indulging your ideas and dreams and making them possible. Supporting a positive expression of yourself in your home.

Nothing can cure the soul but the senses, just as nothing can cure the senses but the soul. Oscar Wilde

Noise: Avoiding intrusive noise pollution and auditory stress. Creating peace and quiet.

Finding stillness: Creating settled spaces where you love to sit and relax. Supported, cosy and comfortable. Space to unwind, rest and recharge.

Privacy and shared areas: Establishing a balance of intimate space to retreat and restore, with shared space for interaction with your family and friends.

Architecture and design are all about making spaces that are stimulating, durable, fun, exciting, joyful. Our homes are the most important and powerful pieces of architecture we are ever going to experience. Kevin McCloud – Grand Designs

Treating Your Senses in Your Home

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