Healthy Home Survey Case Studies

Client: Joanna

Her home: A 3 bed semi-detached house, built in 1930s, in a suburban neighbourhood, Leicestershire. Joanna had just bought and moved into her new home, and wanted to make sure it was a healthy place to live.

The consultation:
I made a range of health checks:
Geopathic Stress – to make sure that she and her family would be sleeping in a safe place.
Electromagnetic Fields and Radio/Microwave Fields – to make sure the house had no elevated fields from exterior or interior sources, such as phone masts, power lines, rail tracks, telephones, house wiring and internal appliances.
Radon, mould, and other air quality issues.
I discussed all that I found and made a number of recommendations – some things to simply be aware of and other things that could easily be resolved. In this case I also offered suggestions for new paints, new flooring, beds, and telephones.
My client was happy that her new home, as well as being a major financial investment, was an investment in the health of her family too.

Client feedback:
Choosing somewhere to live nowadays is such a minefield, there are so many things to consider.
I really liked the house but was concerned about the 3 phone masts relatively nearby.
I had also heard that it was important to avoid geopathic stress where you have your bed.
So it was fantastic to actually see the readings on the meters you brought with you, and to check the electrics in the house too, as well as the land energies.

The consultation was extremely informative and empowering. You gave me the knowledge I needed in such a clear, concise and calm manner, together with your recommendations, and it put my mind at ease. I have taken onboard your suggestions, including even which materials to avoid when decorating.
My home now feels supportive and nurturing to myself and all who come here, and I can rest assured that I have a new home that supports mine and my family’s health. Everyone should do this when they move into a new home! Joanna, Leicestershire

Client: Steph + Mark

Their home: A 3 bed end of terrace house, built in 1960s, in a residential neighbourhood, Surrey. Steph and Mark are both health aware and mindful of things in their environment. They wanted to check their home for anything that could be impacting their health.

The consultation:
I made the usual range of health checks:
There was no geopathic stress where their bed was located, however there were some elevated dirty electricity measurements throughout the house, which reduced significantly when we plugged in filters to clean up the electrical circuits.
There were minimal measurements on my meters from any local phone masts, which were quite a distance from their street. Other electromagnetic fields and radio/microwave fields from interior sources – particularly their dimmer switches, Mark’s amplifier controls and the neighbour’s wifi – could all be reduced with some simple adaptations.
I also did a body voltage test, to show the effect of the EMFs in their home on each of them in turn. I then demonstrated the beneficial effect of earthing, using an earthing sheet for their bed. They were delighted.
After seeing the range of checks and meter readings, together with the effects of making some simple changes, Steph and Mark were happy to make these changes knowing they would improve the impact of their home on their health.

Client feedback:
It was fascinating to see the immediate reduction in your meter reading once the filters were plugged in. We both instantly felt calmer, as if a buzz that we weren’t aware of before had been instantly silenced. Wow.
Your demonstration of the earthing sheet was enlightening too, and so we’ve been using it since and even took it on holiday with us last month. We also use one at our desks. We love the feel of it.
It was so worth having you visit. We are following your recommendations and really noticing the difference, thank you.
I also want to say that we were reassured by your clear explanations. It’s great to know there are experts trained to make these healthy house checks as it’s such an important thing for people to do in their homes. 
Steph and Mark, Surrey