Space Clearing

For your life to work well it is vital to have a good flow of clear vibrant energy in your home.
Space Clearing is a fast and effective way to achieve this – it’s like spring cleaning at the unseen level and brings clarity and vitality into your life.

What is Space Clearing and why is it a good idea?

Everything that happens in a building becomes imprinted in the walls, furniture and objects.
It’s the natural result of human habitation and can be described as an energetic ‘debris’ or ‘fallout’ that accumulates at the unseen level in much the same way as dust and cobwebs build up at the physical level.

Clearing the stagnant energies
in your home for clarity
and vitality in your life.

As well as contributing to the subtle atmosphere of a building or room, these energies also
influence you, affecting how you feel and behave, dulling your clarity and vitality, or making you feel like you’re constantly pushing against the flow and unable to resolve difficulties.
They make your home feel stale and dull, and consequently you come to feel stale and dull too.

As well as your own imprints there are those from previous occupants too.

Space Clearing is a unique process for clearing these stagnant energies. It revitalizes your indoor spaces and therefore you too!

I trained with Karen Kingston and since 2002 have worked with hundreds of clients in their homes and workplaces too. Please check my testimonials if you would like to hear what they have said.

What can Space Clearing do for you?

There are infinite possibilities for change brought about by Space Clearing. Here are some typical examples of how it can help you:

  • A newfound energy and enjoyment of life, when previously you’ve been stuck in a rut or having difficulty getting things done.
  • New opportunities open up if you’re wanting new things to happen, such as a new or improved relationship, a new baby or new job. Space Clearing provides a firm foundation for positive change.
  • A boost to your spirits if you’ve been feeling low or stressed or constantly tired, it brings an uplifting buoyancy that lifts your mood. It can also help you have a refreshing night’s sleep.
  • A fresh new outlook on life if you’re keen to move on from the past and engage a new direction.
  • Space Clearing can also help you on your path of personal development.

Space Clearing also helps you in your home when

Space Clearing clears and lifts
the energy in your home,
to create a vibrant space
for you and your family.
  • you’ve just moved into a new home – to clear your predecessor’s imprints and land yourself quickly and without interference.
  • you’re having difficulty selling your home – it makes it enticing for prospective buyers.
  • or you‘ve lived there for many years but never felt at home – it helps to fully settle your energy into your home.

Space Clearing assists your Clutter Clearing

Space Clearing can also help you to clear your clutter, by shifting the stagnation of energy that builds up where clutter accumulates, making the task easier to start and energizing you to keep going.

Feng Shui Design also works better when done in conjunction with Space Clearing.

Space Clearing Consultations

A Space Clearing is in the form of a simple ceremony. It involves a visit to your home during
daylight hours, on a day when your home can come to a standstill and when you, as the home owner or tenant, can be present and uninterrupted. An opportunity to switch off your computer
and phones too.

For most typical homes, consultations usually take between 3 – 6 hours.
Fee £250 – £450 + travel + material expenses (flowers, candles & harmony ball).


Space Clearing Testimonials


To make an enquiry about a Space Clearing in your home, please contact me.

Terms and Conditions for Space Clearing consultations.