Healthy Bedroom Case Studies

Client: HB, London

About client and home:  HB lived in a small studio apartment on the second floor of a purpose built block. She had been working from home and was spending a lot of time at her work desk, and also working from her bed a lot. She hadn’t had a good night’s sleep for a long time and it was beginning to affect her mood and general motivation.

The consultation: I found high electromagnetic fields in her bedroom, coming from a number of electronic devices in her bedroom, as well as the wi-fi signal from the router in the living room on the other side of the wall from her bed. There was also a spaghetti of electrical cables and power extensions under the upper part of her bed, which were radiating a high electromagnetic field into her bed. I recommended rerouting these cables and adapting the wi-fi or switching it off at night. Also removing all devices from the bedroom at night.

Client feedback: Thank you so much! I can’t believe it but I’ve slept really well every night since our consultation. As a self confessed tech geek I didn’t realise the impact my electrical world was having on my sleep. I found it both fascinating and alarming in equal measure to see the readings on your meters. I’ve made the changes you suggested and actually also rearranged my bedroom, and now I feel so much more settled in there. Quite spontaneously I’ve started clearing out my wardrobes. HB, London

Client: Petula

About client and home: A single woman in her 70s, she hadn’t slept well for many years, since the death of her husband. She took numerous supplements and herbal teas to settle her before bed. However she would be restless through the night, and would lie awake with her thoughts racing, and wake very groggy in the morning. Her bedroom was on the first floor of her 1930s semi detached home.

The consultation: I found a line of geopathic stress crossing her bed near the pillows where she lay her head. Her bedside lamp had a majorly high electromagnetic field, which also gave out a high electromagnetic field near the head of the bed. She was still sleeping on the mattress she shared with her husband.
We found a new position for the bed in the room, free of geopathic stress, and the lamp was modified to incorporate a properly functioning earth wire connection. This brought the electromagnetic field from the lamp down to an acceptable level. I also suggested she considers having a space clearing consultation, which would help remove imprints of the sadness of the past when she’s ready. Also to buy a new mattress for her bed, again when she’s ready.

Client feedback: Wow, I wanted to write to you straight away to let you know I’ve slept 5 nights in a row since your visit. I do go to the loo once or twice, but I get back to sleep again afterwards. It took me a few days to get used to the new bed position, but I now feel comfortable and happy when I go to bed. Thank you for your sensitivity and care in my home, I would really like to book a space clearing soon, I’ll let you know when I get back from my daughter’s. Petula, Berkhamsted