Healthy Bedroom Feedback

Since we moved the bed off the line of geopathic stress my husband is getting up only once a night to use the loo, rather than his previous five or six times. He’s delighted. TM, London

About one year after a major renovation on my home I was diagnosed with a serious illness. I asked Beverley to do a Healthy Survey to check if there was something we had done in our renovation which may have triggered the illness. Her process and explanation were very thorough and professional, and she provided a full spectrum of solutions. This included repositioning my bed away from a line of geopathic stress, checking the new carpets for toxins, advice on where and when to use electrical devices, and recommendations about optimal beds and mattresses. I absolutely wish I had involved Beverley before and during the renovation work, rather than afterwards, as I would have done things very differently! JPC, St Albans

Thank you for your recommendation for the new bed we are planning to buy. They were invaluable. It has put our minds at ease knowing that we are now safe in our room from any unhealthy energies. SS, Surrey

I’m now getting a much better quality of sleep than in my previous home (and the guests that I’ve had since then have all commented on how well they have slept). I feel thoroughly refreshed and full of energy every morning, and the cloying headaches I used to wake up with have disappeared. JJ, Leicestershire

Thank you – I’ve had three weeks of good sleeps since your consultation. As a tech geek, I didn’t realise the impact my buzzing electronics were having on my sleep. I found it both fascinating and alarming to see the readings on your meters! I’ve made the changes you suggested and actually also rearranged my bedroom and I now feel so much more settled in there. Quite spontaneously I’ve started clearing out my wardrobe and I’m thinking of redecorating now. HO, London