Wellbeing at Home - survey online

Wellbeing at Home – a consultation online for keeping happy and healthy at home

When our home is a place of health and wellbeing we are supported in our lives.

As living and working patterns change, we are spending more time at home, putting it under pressure to fulfil many functions and also increasing its influence on our health and wellbeing.

Do you have a Full House with more of your household present more of the time?
Are you Home Alone and now experience your home as a prison rather than a sanctuary?
Does it fail to be a Home Sweet Home – it’s not a place of health, comfort or harmony?

In an online consultation, I will survey your home and offer recommendations and practical solutions. This includes your interaction with electromagnetic fields, indoor air quality, daylight and the function and flow of your spaces.

Restore your feelgood factor with a Wellbeing at Home online consultation

Wellbeing in your activities:

  • Enhancing your workspace to help your focus and reduce tiredness, by minimizing electromagnetic fields from your computer use, positioning your desk in a good place, and ensuring your sitting position is supported and strong.
  • Enabling effective home schooling by creating a space that inspires your children, minimizing distractions while maintaining connection with them.
  • Finding a balance of activity and rest. Streamlining your spaces for easy use and making sure you have somewhere to relax and unwind too.

Harmony in your house:

  • Establishing and maintaining the heart of your home, to reinforce your relationships and connections within your household.
  • Arranging flexible spaces for different uses at different times, so that they work for everyone.
  • Creating personal space and quiet zones.

Supporting your personal energy:

  • Making sure you’re breathing healthy and revitalizing indoor air.
  • Maximizing your exposure to daylight when indoors.
  • Creating a healthy bedroom for a good night’s sleep.

Discovering practical techniques to keep you healthy, energized and uplifted at home.

This Wellbeing at Home survey is suitable for any kind of home, existing or new, large or small.

It takes place online, combining my Healthy Home Design and Healthy Home Survey onsite consultations into an online format. I bring my expertise in architecture, the healthy techniques of building biology, feng shui design and space clearing.

Available for you in your home wherever you live in the world.

I slept for a full 7 hours without a headache in the morning. What a difference to my day! Who would have know about my beloved heated blanket. So many thank you’s. – JJ Richmond

This was surprising fun and very useful. We were impressed by the way you read the rooms in our home and we are loving the changes you suggested. – PdeL Paris

I particularly like my new office layout – it’s easier to use and a pleasure to be there! I’ve told my colleagues about what you do, haha! Thank you Beverley. – SZ Windsor

How a consultation online works

We arrange a suitable time for a virtual session by zoom or similar.
You will need to have a device with a camera, so that you can take me on a visual tour around your home. If you are electro-sensitive you can send me a video tour of your home before our consultation.
It is also helpful for you to send me a plan of your home beforehand if you have one.
Timing takes between 2-3 hours, according to the size of your home and the nature of your needs.

Fee £150 GBP.

I look forward to seeing you!

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