Terms and conditions for space clearing consultations

Fire safety
I use small tealight candles on plates, together with flowers, to create offerings that are used
in the space clearing ceremony. One is usually placed in each of the main rooms or areas of
the building being space cleared.
Every care is taken in the positioning and lighting of each candle, which I do with your
agreement. All the candles will burn for the duration of the ceremony, as well as during the
afternoon and evening that you remain in your home after I have finished and left. They are
to be extinguished before you go to bed or if you leave the premises.
They are used with your own agreement and at your own risk and I cannot be held liable for
any damage, losses or injuries, however they may be caused.

I will never divulge any personal or business details that arise during my work with you.
If I ever wish to mention anything about you, or the feedback you have given to me, for
instance in my marketing material, it will always be with your prior consent.

Advice and Recommendations
As part of the service offered, you may be given certain insights into your life or situation, or
be given advice or recommendations. However I will never tell you that you must do
something or must change in some way. The final decision is entirely yours. I therefore
cannot accept responsibility for the consequences of any decision you may make.

My full fee is due at the end of the consultation, on the day of the consultation.
I prefer payment via online banking (I’ll bring my bank details with me) but accept cash or
cheques if easier for you.
Any expenses incurred in advance of the consultation, such as flights, train fares, car hire,
overnight accommodation, or other non-refundable expenses, are payable in advance and

Cancellation or postponement
Both parties have the right to cancel or postpone a consultation due to unforeseen
If I have already purchased flowers for your consultation, you may be required to reimburse
me for their cost if I’m not able to use them for another consultation.

These Terms and Conditions are deemed to be agreed by you when you make a booking for
a space clearing consultation.

If you have any questions, please contact me. I look forward to working with you.