• Do you have sleep problems, or wake feeling un-refreshed after sleep?
  • Do you suffer with headaches, tinnitus or visual disturbances, chronic tiredness, mood swings, heart palpitations, or other serious health concerns?
  • Do you feel better when you’re away from home?

Sometimes our homes impact our health rather than being the safe havens they’re meant to be.

If you do, there could be something in your home that’s affecting you. With many of the familiar conveniences of our modern lifestyle – electronic devices, communication and computer technologies, synthetic chemicals used in building materials and cleaning products, as well as age old conditions such as mould and radon – there can be hidden health issues too.

During a Healthy House Survey I measure and assess a range of these conditions in your home
and recommend solutions as necessary to bring your home back to a healthy background
condition. A survey includes checks for:
Electromagnetic Fields – inside and outside your home
Geopathic Stress – disturbances in local geomagnetic energies
Toxic Indoor Air – from chemicals, mould and radon