Your home is the foundation of your life and the most important environment for supporting your health. It’s supposed to be a place of sanctuary, support and wellbeing; a feelgood place for your body, mind and spirit.

If you’re not thriving in some way, if you’re constantly tired or frazzled or lacking vitality, if you don’t sleep well or you simply don’t feel good in your home, there could be a solution.

Whatever your home, from an existing house or an individual room to planning a new building project, I bring a unique combination of design, surveys and subtle energy management to make it your haven of health.

For your home to be
functional, comfortable
and welcoming.

Healthy Home Design

Design solutions to support your human
biology, your body and mind,
and treat your senses.
Combining architectural design,
building biology – the science of
healthy buildings,
and feng shui design.

For peace of mind that
your home
is a healthy place.

Healthy Home Survey

A Building Biology survey to
measure and reduce your
exposure to electromagnetic fields,
geopathic stress, indoor air
pollutants, and other hidden
hazards which may be
undermining your health.


A good night’s sleep is an
essential requirement
for a healthy life.

Healthy Bedroom

This is a survey of the bedrooms in your
home, combining Building Biology health checks,
air quality and lighting, room layout and feng shui design, beds and bedding,
and establishing a clear energetic space.

Space Clearing is a unique process for creating a clear vibrant energy in your home.

Space Clearing

It clears and lifts stagnation and heavy imprinted energies to support your own clarity and vitality.
Energizing and uplifting, supporting your life to work well.

Your home environment is foundational for your health.

Here at The Healthy Home I offer a unique combination of expertise in design, surveys and subtle energy management, to create a healthy home environment for you and your family.

Creating spaces for your health, comfort and delight.

Beverley Wood
Architect, Building Biologist,
Space Clearing Practitioner, Feng Shui Practitioner

Your home is a place to be safe, to connect, to relax, be alone or with your family, invite friends, express yourself, keep your possessions, recharge your batteries, a place to work, study, play, sleep, cook, eat, watch tv, do laundry, exercise, be quiet, play music, dance, sing out loud, meditate, throw a party…
Your home has many demands to meet. Make it a place to be healthy too!

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