• Healthy Bedroom Case Studies

    Client: HB, London About client and home:  HB lived in a small studio apartment on the second floor of a purpose built block. She had been working from home and was spending a lot of time at her work desk, and also working from her bed a lot. She hadn’t had a good night’s sleep for a long time and it was beginning to affect her mood and general motivation. The consultation: I found high electromagnetic fields in her bedroom, coming from a number of electronic devices in her bedroom, as well as the wi-fi signal from the router in the living room on the other side of the wall from…

  • Space Clearing Case Studies

    I have been waxing lyrical to everyone I meet about you and what you do. I don’t completely understand how it works but I’m astounded by its affect. It has started our lives again. Thank you beyond thanking.

  • Healthy Home Survey Case Studies

    Client: Joanna Her home: A 3 bed semi-detached house, built in 1930s, in a suburban neighbourhood, Leicestershire. Joanna had just bought and moved into her new home, and wanted to make sure it was a healthy place to live. The consultation:I made a range of health checks:Geopathic Stress – to make sure that she and her family would be sleeping in a safe place.Electromagnetic Fields and Radio/Microwave Fields – to make sure the house had no elevated fields from exterior or interior sources, such as phone masts, power lines, rail tracks, telephones, house wiring and internal appliances.Radon, mould, and other air quality issues.I discussed all that I found and made a number…

  • Healthy Home Design Case Studies

    Her clarity, vision and expertise really helped to make sense of what we wanted to achieve. On top of this she was able to refer a wonderful architect who has been able to turn this vision into a reality. Without her help I really think the whole project would never have been completed.