• Materials, Finishes and Furnishings

    Materials, Finishes & Furnishings

    The walls, floors and roof of your home are made of materials which influence the indoor air quality that you breathe. So too do the interior finishes and furnishings, and everything else that you introduce into your home interior yourself. Many of these are considered normal simply because they have become the mainstream way and not because they are a good choice for protecting your health. They will often contain chemicals that off-gas into the indoor air and can be the cause of itchy eyes, runny noses, respiratory irritations and coughs, and breathing problems. Your choice of materials, finishes and furnishings majorly affects the indoor air quality in your home.…

  • Tap Water

    Tap Water

    The human body is 60% water73% of your brain and heart is made of water, 64% of your skin, 79% of your muscles and kidneys, and even 31% of your bones. Staying well hydrated is therefore essential for health. Making sure you’re drinking healthy water is equally important. The water arriving at your taps We are fortunate in the UK to have a high quality water treatment and supply to our taps at home, which disinfects water of many dangerous contaminants. It should be free of: Microbes – bacteria, parasites, viruses and algae Inorganic contaminants – salts or metal based chemicals such as lead. Organic contaminants – solvents, petrol based…

  • A Healthy Bedroom

    A Healthy Bedroom

    Your bedroom is the most important place in your life for supporting your health. Being free from exposure to electromagnetic fields, geopathic stress, and toxic indoor air in your bedroom, is essential for a good and refreshing night’s sleep.