Your Home is Your Third Skin

Building Biology considers your home to be your third skin. It acts as a third layer after your first flesh skin and your second skin of clothing, with all three of them enclosing, protecting and regulating conditions for your comfort.
This demonstrates how closely you interact with your home and everything in it, and therefore how directly your home can affect you in many ways, including your health.

This interaction is at many levels:

  • The shape, form and space of your home
  • the electromagnetic frequencies
  • gases, particles and humidity in the air you breathe
  • light, colour and sound vibrations
  • its ambient quality or feeling
  • and even the land it is built on.

Whether they are visible or not, all these aspects of your Third Skin home have a direct influence on you physically, psychologically, biologically and spiritually.

Whatever is going on in your home is going on in you too!

The reason for this is because they all resonate with your personal energy or lifeforce. This is the subtle energetic principle that animates your physical body and gives you life. It is known as chi in Chinese culture, qi in Japan, prana in India and etheric in anthroposophy, and its condition determines your state of physical health and vitality. At deeper levels it can also be seen to influence your mental, emotional and spiritual health too.

When your lifeforce is strong, you feel good in body, mind and spirit, and life works much better.

Your lifeforce is supported by four conditions:

  • healthy eating
  • regular exercise
  • sufficient sleep and rest
  • and by living in a healthy environment.

Your Number One environment is your Third Skin home.

Supporting your lifeforce in your home supports your health and wellbeing.

Here at The Healthy Home I follow Building Biology guidelines for healthy buildings, to support your lifeforce in your home. (To be finished)