Toxic Indoor Air

The air in our homes is the air we breathe.

There can be chemicals, mould, bacteria, dustmites and combustion gases, to name just a few.
In parts of the UK there can also be Radon – an odourless radioactive gas that seeps up into our homes from the land underneath.

This coincides with the trend for sealing
our homes against draughts to improve
heating efficiency, and also noticeably
with an increase in childhood asthma.

Since the 1970s there has been a huge increase in the use of synthetic chemicals in every aspect of life, and this includes our building materials, paint finishes, furnishings and cleaning products. The chemicals emit gases into the air we breathe – called off-gasing – combining into an unknown cocktail of gases that can be very toxic, even if we cannot smell it.

Moreover, the synthetic perfumes that we can smell in our cleaning, laundering and bathing
products, are not regulated for their content, and some are known to be remarkably toxic.

With a Healthy Home Specification I can advise on the selection of paints, varnishes, finishes,
furnishings, flooring, carpets and cleaning products, together with methods of ventilation and breathing construction techniques.