Geopathic Stress

During a Healthy House Survey I check to ensure that your beds, desks, sofas and armchairs are located away from areas of geopathic stress.

Geopathic Stress is the result of spending long periods of time, such as when sleeping or working at a desk, located above distortions in the natural electromagnetic field of the earth.
The distortions are usually caused by underground water streams, cracks in subterranean rocks, caverns or mineral deposits, and these create field disturbances at and above the land surface.

When we sleep our body should be resting and repairing itself, absorbing vital nutrients and
fighting infection. However when we sleep on a geopathic zone our body becomes stressed and has to use its vital energy to deal with this.

Over time this leads to a weakened immune system which is unable to maintain a healthy
balanced state.

Exposure to geopathic stress is therefore considered unhealthy and best to be avoided,
especially in places such as bed locations, desks, and favourite armchairs.


Early symptoms of exposure to geopathic stress can include:
Bed wetting, nightmares, sleep walking
Headaches and body pains

Longer term exposure can emerge as more serious health conditions such as:
nervous system disease,
multiple sclerosis,
chronic fatigue or ME,
tumour growth.