Electromagnetic Fields

During a Healthy House Survey I check for EMFs (also known as Electromagnetic Radiation – EMR) that exceed the Building Biology guidelines for healthy buildings, and offer a range of solutions to the following:

You may not feel electromagnetic fields
but they are always present where there is
electricity. They create a measurable
background buzz.

High Frequency Radio/Microwave Fields From sources inside and outside the home, such as mobile phone transmitters, mobile phones, cordless phones, smart meters, wi-fi, microwave ovens, baby monitors.

Dirty Electricity Very low frequency transients in the voltage and frequency of the electrical supply. They are created by electronic transformers within the home for low voltage appliances, or from various conditions in the local supply cabling.

Electric Fields and Magnetic Fields From internal wiring in walls, floors and ceilings, household electrical appliances, and from external high voltage powerlines, sub stations and distribution transformers.

Incorrect earthing of your electrical circuitsTo ensure there are no stray currents creating elevated EMFs.

Induced Body Voltage. (the EMF effects on you) Measures the effect of electromagnetic fields on your body, together with a demonstration of earthing techniques to minimize the effect.

Geomagnetic anomalies Distortions in the earth’s magnetic field, created by natural sources, such as subterranean iron ore deposits, water veins, geological faults and caverns, and man-made sources such as metal bedsprings, structural steel and metal pipework.

We are electrical in our biology as human beings.

In his book ‘The Body Electric’, Robert O Becker describes how our nervous system, hormones, immune system, brain activity, heartbeat and every cell, tissue and organ throughout our body, communicate and interconnect via multiple pathways of subtle electrical activity.

Our body acts like an antenna, receiving and aligning with ambient electromagnetic fields in the environment. These create undesired currents in our body, resulting in measurable voltage on the skin and within the body.

And we live on an electromagnetic planet, whose natural ultra-low frequency we resonate with exactly. This resonance maintains our body’s electrical activity and our lifeforce, and supports its essential healthy functioning.

When introducing man-made electromagnetic frequencies into our environment, there are a host of unfamiliar electrical fields, signals and pulses that our body starts resonating with instead. They are at a much higher frequency compared to our natural background level, and they are known to cause biological disruption.

The electricity in our environment is known to be biologically active.

Typical symptoms include:
Insomnia and sleep disturbances
Visual disturbances
Dizziness or fuzzy head
Heart rhythm disturbance or palpitations
Short term memory loss
Increased food sensitivity
Behavioural changes
General aches and pains.

As an experiment, switch off your electricity at the meter for one whole night, and notice how silent and still your home becomes. Do you sleep better?