Consultations can be combined very naturally and effectively, to suit your requirements.

I live in London and travel throughout the UK and Ireland. I’m happy to travel further afield on

Fees shown here are for guidance only. There is no VAT to pay.
Payment is made on the day – by cash, cheque, credit card (+£10 fee), or direct bank transfer.

To make an enquiry for a consultation, please contact me.

Architectural Design

This involves a visit to your home to review what you have and discuss what’s possible, whatever size your project – large or small.
I go back to first principles with you, discuss your needs and aspirations and how you want to live in your home – then sketch out all possibilities and walk and talk them through with you too.

I can also incorporate Feng Shui Design and Healthy House principles, as well as advice on how to proceed with planning applications, building regulations and builders as appropriate.

This is usually all a one-off consultation taking between 4 – 5 hours for most typical homes.
Fee £400 – £500 + travel expenses.

Continuing consultancy input can be arranged if required and I can introduce you to other
architects if needed to see your project through.

Healthy House Surveys

I survey your home, assess your exposure to high levels of electromagnetic fields and geopathic stress and offer a range of solutions.

If required I can also give advice on the selection of paints, varnishes, finishes, furnishings,
flooring, carpets and cleaning products.

Most surveys take 2 – 4 hours, depending on the size of your home and the issues involved.
Fee £200 – £400 + travel expenses.

As an Architect I can also oversee any specific remedial work to the building, if any is required,
subject to further arrangement.

It’s always a good idea to survey before buying or renting a new home.

Healthy House Specification

Advice on the selection of building materials, paints, varnishes, finishes, furnishings,
flooring, carpets and cleaning products.
Fee is project specific. Please contact me for a quotation.

Space Clearing

A Space Clearing is in the form of a simple ceremony. It involves a visit to your home during
daylight hours, on a day when your home can come to a standstill and when you, as the home owner or tenant, can be present and uninterrupted. An opportunity to switch off your computer
and phones too.

For typical homes, consultations usually take between 3 – 5 hours.
Fee £250 – £350 + travel + material expenses (flowers, candles & harmony ball).

Feng Shui Design

Feng Shui Design is usually incorporated into Architectural Design, Healthy House, and Space Clearing consultations as required, with a simple pro rata fee.

An individual Feng Shui Design consultation includes considerations for your building plan, interior layout, furnishings and colours. Fee: £250 + travel expenses.

I prefer to work on location and not from plans alone, so that I can directly experience the chi in your home.