Clutter Clearing

As well as taking up physical space, clutter takes up mental and emotional space, clutters your
psyche and drains your time and energy.

Clearing your clutter is an immediate and
effective way to shift stagnation in your
home and put your life back on track.

It blocks the flow of energizing chi around your home, which can make you feel lethargic, tired and depressed, as well as confused, disorganised, and with a tendency to procrastinate. It is also likely to affect your relationships and distract you from what’s really important in your life.

Clearing your clutter helps to

  • Restore your spark
  • Get things done
  • Discover a sense of purpose
  • Rediscover a passion

Clearing your clutter frees up stuck chi in your home – and therefore in you too!

Many clients and workshop participants have experienced this energizing effect for themselves. Please take a look at their testimonials.

Clearing your clutter helps to lighten
your load and lift your spirits.

They also report that clearing their clutter has helped to improve their relationships, helped them to move on from the past, and created space for new possibilities in many unexpected ways.

If you were to view an energy-map of your home, cluttered areas would appear like bogs or foggy patches where chi cannot penetrate or flow. When parts of your home are bogged down and
unavailable in this way, aspects of your life are on hold too. Clearing your clutter helps to reclaim
your life.

Warning – you might enjoy it!
Clutter Clearing consultations

There are four options available

  • A whole day clutter clearing in your home, 6 hours plus a 1 hour break for lunch.
    Fee £275 + travel expenses.
  • A 4 hour clutter clearing session in your home, to get you started, and help create a route map for continuing with confidence.
    Fee £200 + travel expenses.
  • A series of 4-or-more clutter clearing sessions, weekly or fortnightly, lasting 4 hours each.
    Fee £175 per session when pre-booked + travel expenses.
  • Space Clearing works well in conjunction with clutter clearing, to clear the stagnation of chi that builds up where clutter accumulates, and help overcome defeated feelings before you even start. As well as lightening the task, Space Clearing also gives insights into the issues that caused the clutter in the first place, which makes it easier to shift.
    Fee £250 – £350 + travel + material expenses.


To make an enquiry about Clutter Clearing in your home, please contact me.

Clutter Clearing can be naturally therapeutic, however I also refer other therapies to support you through the process when necessary.

I use my own interactive approach and have not taken a clutter clearing practitioner training with Karen Kingston.

Clutter Clearing Testimonials