Building Biology

Building Biology
means building for life.

This new emerging science explores the
relationship between human life, the natural
environment and the built environment. Its aim
is to create healthy, life enhancing buildings.

The first job of every home is to create an environment that allows human life to flourish.

What this means in your home is:

Energy and Electromagnetic Fields

  • Your electrical installation and appliances do not create high electromagnetic fields.
  • There are no geomagnetic disturbances in the building construction or the land it is built on.
  • Achieving a healthy thermal comfort – warmth or cooling – depending on climate and season.

Indoor Air Quality

  • Making sure that the air you breathe is healthy – which means free of irritants and toxins such as VOCs, radon, mould, combustion gases and pesticides.
  • VOCs or volatile organic compounds are synthetic chemical vapours released from numerous materials including paints, cleaners, fabrics, carpets, laundry detergents, air fresheners, and furniture made from particle boards such as MDF, plywood and chipboard.

Water for drinking, cooking and bathing

  • You have water that is healthy for drinking, cooking and bathing.

Materials and Finishes

  • Your paints, finishes and interior furnishings are free of toxic chemicals and VOCs.
  • Any new building materials are non-toxic and vapour permeable, which means that vapour can slowly permeate out of the construction, thereby avoiding damp and subsequent mould problems.
Healthy House Survey

During a Healthy House Survey I measure and assess these conditions in your home
and recommend solutions as necessary to bring your home back to a healthy background
condition.There are usually many simple remedies you can immediately implement for yourself.

A survey includes checks for:
Electromagnetic Fields – inside and outside your home
Geopathic Stress – disturbances in local geomagnetic energies
Toxic Indoor Air – from a range of chemicals, mould and radon.


Healthy House Specification

I give assistance in your selection of healthy non-toxic materials, paints and finishes,
flooring, carpets and cleaning products, if you are building, refurbishing or decorating.
As well as advice on drinking water filtration.