Architectural Design

Your home is so much more than walls and a roof over your head to protect you from the weather.

It’s also a place to be safe, relax, be together with your family, invite friends, express yourself, keep your possessions, recharge your batteries, a place to work, study, play, sleep, watch tv, prepare and eat food, do laundry, exercise, play music, dance, sing out loud, meditate, throw a party…

Your home is the foundation of your life. When it works well it supports you in
all that you do.

Does it therefore support you and your needs
or instead

    • Do you feel squeezed and awkward there?
    • Is there nowhere you can rest and relax?
    • Is it not functioning as it should or could?


As an Architect for over 25 years, I offer a design discussion consultation to review how you can make your home work better for you.

Using Architectural Design, together with Feng Shui Design and Healthy Home principles, I discuss your possibilities for refurbishing, extending or building new, or simply re-ordering what you already have so that it works better for you.

Refurbishing, extending or building new

  • if you don’t know what you want or where to start
  • you already have ideas for making changes
  • you’re moving into a new home and want to discuss what’s possible.

Re-ordering what you already have

  • relocating doors or internal partitions to make more efficient use of your existing space
  • opening up new windows and doorways
  • making the most of sunlight and orientation to brighten your home
  • improving the connection with your garden
  • planning the most effective layout of your kitchen, office or living room.


A house becomes a home when we
put ourselves energetically at the
centre of it.

I also look to establish and support the heart of your home.This helps to increase its feel-good factor, improve communication and relationships within the home, and make it a more restful place to be.

Buying the Right House?

If you’re about to go through the expense and upheaval of buying a new home, I can discuss your ideas and ensure your home will work for you as you hope - for the present and into the future.
This is suitable before exchange of contracts and anytime onwards. It can be a one-off consultation and avoids you needing to appoint an architect in a full design project at this early stage.

Your home has many demands to meet. Make it a place to feel good too.
Architectural Design Consultations

This involves a visit to your home to review what you have and discuss what’s possible, whatever size your project – large or small.
I go back to first principles with you, discuss your needs and aspirations and how you want to live in your home – then sketch out all possibilities and walk and talk them through with you too.

I can also incorporate Feng Shui Design and Healthy House principles, as well as advice on how to proceed with planning applications, building regulations and builders as appropriate.

This is usually all a one-off consultation taking between 4 - 5 hours for most typical homes.
Fee £400 – £500 + travel expenses.

Continuing consultancy input can be arranged if required and I can introduce you to other
architects if needed to see your project through.


Architectural Design Testimonials

To make an enquiry about a consultation in your home, please contact me.