I love buildings… and I’m fascinated by the way they hold and shape our lives.

I became an Architect over 25 years ago, but my fascination has led me to study and work with a range of approaches, seeking a greater understanding of our relationship with our buildings –
our physical, emotional and spiritual relationship.
I’m interested in the way our buildings

  • make us feel and behave
  • how they affect our health and well being
  • and how they influence our everyday lives.

I’m especially interested in the one particular building that we have a very personal relationship with – our home.

As well as my background in Architecture, I have developed my expertise to include
Building Biology, with the Institute for Building-Biology & Ecology
Space Clearing, with Karen Kingston
Feng Shui, with William Spear

These are all approaches that, through improving and enhancing our homes, aim to support our personal energy, our health and quality of life.

Biography and Training


I studied Architecture in the UK and qualified in 1986. For many years I worked in the leisure sector, designing and refurbishing pubs, wine bars and restaurants.
This engaged me in the full range of requirements for creating a new building – from
design, building regulations and planning approvals, through managing the construction work on site, to the final commissioning and opening of the venue. It included a range of refurbishment, new build and listed building projects.

Healthy Building

In 1999 I took a progressive step to join the workforce at the UK’s first ecological building centre, where I was involved in the sourcing and specification of ecological and healthy building materials. This included healthy finishes, fittings and furnishings and was when
I started working with Building Biology, the science of healthy buildings, as it emerged out of Germany. I went on to study with the Institute of Building Biology and Ecology in the USA, discovering the many ways our buildings can hinder or help our health.
My projects were mostly residential.

In parallel with my Architectural work I studied other things.

Lifeforce and Health

From practising yoga as a teenager I came to understand my own lifeforce or chi, and what supported it in terms of my lifestyle, the food that I ate, my general activity, and my environment.
This is when my interest in health and well-being started and it has continued as a thread linking all my work. For many years I have continued this in-depth exploration of subtle energies with the Clairvision School of Meditation which, as well as being a central aspect for me personally, also directly informs my work.


I took four years in the early 90s to train as a shiatsu practitioner with the
European Shiatsu School, learning how to
improve the flow and balance of chi in the human body, in order to promote health. This included the Traditional Chinese Medicine system of physical, mental and emotional chi dynamics, and extended my sensing and awareness of chi beyond myself to other people too.

Feng Shui

It was a small step to Feng Shui, following the same principle but in relation to buildings:
improving the flow and balance of chi in our buildings in order to promote health.

From 1994 – 2000 I trained with William Spear to become a practitioner of Intuitive Feng Shui ®. It took a big picture intuitive approach to our world of energy that I liked and could feel, rather than one based on formulae that I couldn’t directly relate to. It all made common sense to my architectural view too. Feng Shui gave a new catch-name to this and it extended my awareness of chi out into the realm of buildings, and into my clients’ homes.

Space Clearing

I met Karen Kingston when she gave her first Space Clearing workshops at the early Feng Shui gatherings in London, teaching how to clear stagnant chi and enhance the energy of spaces. It was a revelation to experience the uplifting and clarifying effect.
I took Karen’s training and became a Space Clearing practitioner in 2002 and haven’t looked back. Since then I’ve worked with hundreds of clients and love the very real level of engagement that Space Clearing brings, to enhance their homes and their lives. Please take a look at some of their testimonials.

The Healthy House Architect

All these approaches to improving and enhancing chi in our buildings come together in my work, to support our lifeforce and therefore our quality of life.