Healthy Home Design

Shaping your home to meet your needs
and support your energy,
with a design review of its spaces
and their function, form and flow.

Healthy Building homepage

For your new builds, renovations,
or a review of what you already have,
to make it work better for you.

Incorporating Healthy Home Specification
and Feng Shui Design principles.


Healthy Home Surveys

Your health begins at home.
Find peace of mind that it’s the healthy place it’s supposed to be, with a survey to check for electromagnetic fields, geopathic stress and toxic air in your home.
Also Healthy Home Specification for selection of healthy paints, finishes and furnishings.


Space Clearing

Feel good at home with a clear and
vibrant space that supports your lifeforce.
Your home can become a welcoming
and uplifting source of delight. 


Feng Shui Design

Feel comfortable and settled where you need it in your home, with this balancing approach to layout, chi focusing and chi flows.

I don’t design buildings,
I create spaces for life.

As an Architect for over 30 years,
I work with improving and enhancing
your living
environment to support
your health, vitality and quality of life.

Beverley Wood  RIBA

Architect, Building Biologist,
Space Clearing & Feng Shui Practitioner

Logo of a happy figure in a house

Your home is your

It contains the space that you live in;
enclosing, protecting and regulating
conditions for your comfort.
It acts as a third layer
after your first physical skin
and your second ‘skin’ of clothing.

Understanding this shows how closely
you interact with your home.

You are immersed
in every aspect of your home.

  • Its shape, form and space
  • its internal atmosphere
  • gases & particles of its indoor climate
  • electromagnetic frequencies
  • light, colour and sound vibrations
  • even the land it is built on.

All these aspects of your home
resonate with your own personal energy
and therefore have a direct effect on you.

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Whatever is going on in your home is going on in you too!

LIFEFORCE – also known as chi, qi, prana or etheric – is the subtle energetic principle that animates your physical body and gives you life. Its condition determines your state of health. For instance, practices such as acupuncture and homeopathy work at the level of your lifeforce, rebalancing it in order to restore health in your physical body – and in your emotions too.

When your lifeforce is good, you feel good in body, mind and spirit.

As well as supporting your lifeforce with healthy eating, regular exercise, and enough rest, it is also
important to live in a healthy environment. At The Healthy House Architect I offer ways to make sure your primary environment – your home – supports your lifeforce and therefore your physical, emotional and spiritual health.

A healthy home supports your own personal health.